Right after our first meeting, we analyze, brainstorm and create Sourcing/Supply Chain Plan tailored to your business case and specific industry


We do not only give advice but implement and deliver results. After the plan is approved, we work with you from each milestone to the next, implement the plan with you step-by-step to reach your ultimate goal


We care about our customers. We ensure after project is completed your Sourcing and Supply Chain Management processes and practices are in shape to continue successfully.


The majority of production cost is fixed in the early phase of design. Understanding the importance of this stage, we put attention and help our clients find cost improvement opportunities to enable profitable and sustainable growth.

We conduct Should Cost Analysis process that takes market condition and various cost drivers into consideration to find out how much your product should cost. Based on that, we provide you insights and better understanding of individual cost elements to design the cost better, cut the sourced material cost and devise efficient pricing strategy. The information assists your company to deal with suppliers for the most reasonable price and enables strategic sourcing for components of your product.

We analyse and manage Risks concerning Component and Supplier Vulnerability. By that, we ensure Component, Supplier Lifetime and prepare for changes in environment with alternative Sources, Components to keep your production cost competitive and product supply uninterrupted.


Sourcing and supply network management has been identified as the critical business area in both large and small, medium companies. We help you find the right suppliers through professional RFQ, 2nd sources and alternative sources that bring competitive advantage for you in term of cost, availability and time-to-market.

Based on detailed analysis, we optimise your Supplier Portfolio and manage Supply Network and keep track of the hygiene requirements (ISO standard levels as minimum) from the suppliers.
We ensure Supply Quality by applying Quality Planning and Control including:

  • Preventive Quality actions (DFMEA, PFMEA)
  • Process Flow Charts (work instructions to maintain agreed standard process in operation)
  • Incoming and Outgoing Quality Control (IQC/OQC) level definitions to avoid quality escape
  • Corrective quality actions: Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Problem Solving



A Product Supply Agreement (PSA) defines the terms on which a seller will supply products to a buyer. Good agreement ensures that all parties’ business requirements are satisfied on a timely and complete basis. PSA defines more than just price and delivery terms. It also includes IPR and liability issues, etc.

PSA negotiation consumes time and effort yet is highly important as the good agreement will help to ensure better price, guarantee better supply, quality and protected legal position. We can help you to prepare for supplier negotiations, negotiate agreements on your behalf, ensure the best deal with price, terms and other conditions including project agreements, SOW, IPR, liability agreements and Continuity of Supply.